Blog 4 (Fall 2016) – Gender Inequality, by Dominique Linton

Presentation 4 was an interesting and important topic that is still very relevant in today’s society. Gender inequality has been around basically since the beginning and although there has been improvement compared to history, it is still not where it needs to be. Part of the problem as to why the issue has not fully improved is because not everyone is fully involved to act on it.

In order for something to be impacted, everyone needs to be involved. When I say everyone I mean both women and men need to shed light on the topic. It is just as important men show consideration and participation for gender inequality because if just women were to act, it wouldn’t make as big an impact since it is just one group of people speaking out. In ways this is still a man’s world, which is what is keeping this issue as important as it is. Although there are a lot of women in the world, society was built on men’s ideals and customs, the male dominance throughout history tends to make women inferior.

It is even more important that gender equality is shaped young. If male figures of families and society were to fully indulge in this movement, that shows and teaches kids at young ages that mom is just as important and strong as dad. The younger kids learn gender equality, the more understanding and caring they will be growing up with their fellow female classmates.

Overall this is something I feel will slightly improve and I say slightly because there will always be those in the world that just can’t see that point of view simply because that’s what they learned or have been around for so long. It will never fully improve unless both sides, men and women fully come together and make a statement. For America it seems more possible but for all the other countries it seems a little out of reach.


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