Blog 4 (Fall 2016) – Gender and Women’s Rights, by Haein August Chung

Women are commonly underrepresented in most countries due to traditional practices and beliefs. However, the developing countries have oppressed the rights of women by considering them as a stay at home creatures. They are denied opportunities to explore their strengths and competence in business, politics, and decision-making programs. On the other hand, the developed countries have gone beyond such practices by empowering women.

Reservation policies clearly have a substantial impact on women’s representation; women have different policy preferences from men. Women reservation has an impact in policy decision. The cross-sectional comparison is difficult to interpret. Because most women are not well represented in a particular countries or localities. It thus reflects political references of the group that affects them, the correlation between policy outcome and women participation then may imply a causal effect from women’s participation ensuring women representation through quarters may change the nature of political competitions thus has a direct effect.

In the developing countries, most women are denied rights to engage themselves in development activities such as business, participating in public meetings among other development activities. Their rights are frequently suppressed by men where they are left at home to look after the children, to do laundry, to feed the family and take care of domestic animals. To this effect, most of them do not get a chance to go to school and therefore they remain illiterate since such cultures begin from childhood where the girl child is discriminated and denied her educational rights. However, in the developed countries, such issues are minimal as there exist strategies to cater for children’s rights regardless of their gender. Additionally, developed countries have ensured women rights are protected by passing bills that protect them.

For example, there are two different types of job positions in Korea which are permanent employee and temporary employee. In deed temporary job is big problem, however it is especially crueler to women. In the contract list of temporary female employees, temporary female employees should give the word to the company that they will never get pregnant. This law is made only because the company does not want to pay for their pregnancy holiday. This law sounds so retrograde, but still this law has its impact on Korean temporary employees. There is a famous quote from the movie ‘Misbehavior’, “Being aware of my pregnancy is truly a bless as a permanent worker, but you know what happens as a temporary employee. This implies that the woman right in Korea is still in low level.

Most states are not giving women chances to come out and exercise their various rights. Women preferences should be given a priority since they have rights just like men. They should be given equal rights as men in all fields be it political, educational, economic, social and making of laws since they all have equal rights. Women have a high number in population in most countries and therefore should come out and compete with men in all and any position from the more senior post to the lower. The literacy in women is making them remain behind, and therefore men and women should be given equal opportunity in education. Therefore, there is so much oppression of women’s rights in the developing countries, compared to developed countries.



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