Blog 3 (Fall 2016) – E-learning, by Haein August Chung

Summary of Key Concepts

The world has been experiencing a tremendous advancement in technology in the past. There have been changes in ways through which information is transferred from one person to the other. Social media is one of the major platforms that have experienced heavy traffic in knowledge and ideas exchange. There are many social media platforms but the most commonly known and used by a vast multitude are Facebook and tweeter. Through these media, individual have interacted even without meeting and strangers have become friends. Learning has also gone digital, and students are getting the tutorials within the comfort of their rooms. Teachers can conduct lessons, assignments, and tests to students virtually through the online means. Additionally, students can as well form discussion groups virtually and help each other in studies. The following is a case study of e-learning technology and social media.

Relevant Literature

Companies and institutions have seen the need to set up a website as their essential means of communication to the public. In this way, they can carry out a daily monitoring of the performance of their website regarding analyzing how many individuals are being reached. They are also able to will ensure that all the information that needs to be relayed by the company to the potential and current clients is put out in time (Robertson 22). Also, they also make sure that their social media platforms are appealing and have attractive information. They have adopted an easier navigation that will be quite effective at making people wish to visit their sites (Dror 44). As the host, they take note of the traffic that their websites attract.

State of the Art and Current Challenges

In social media platform, most students have considered it as a field for fun and socialization. It has therefore been hard to use the same as means of passing academic staff. On the other hand, companies have adopted social media as their principal means of advertising. Learning through the social media has not been significant unless an independent website is developed to help students in e-learning.

There are significant measures that have been put in place to ensure that information is well passed from the source or host to the public. However, there have been challenges facing the processes for the companies and institutions. For instance, in the information technology area where there are still better measures to be formulated which will ensure that the firm can attract a large number of clients and maintain them has been a point of weakness.

The security levels of the sensitive information of institutions and companies are also weak since the organizations are yet to get into the cloud platform that goes a long way in securing such kind of information. With the security of the information threatened, there is bound to be a significant challenge regarding being able to attract more clients as well as retaining the current ones. Most organizations mostly deal with other companies as their customers. Such companies will, therefore, need to be sensitive as they relate to the information regarding their transactions with other firms. It has made it necessary for the management of the companies and institutions to establish measures that will see the reversal of the same.

In conclusion, e-learning is becoming a common means through websites. Social media is widely embraced by individuals as means of advertisement and socialization. However, social media is not sufficient to pass educational information.


Works Cited

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