Blog 2 (Fall 2016) – mHealth, by Dominique Linton

Round two of presentations was very interesting regarding m-health especially with the specific apps. The presentation I thoroughly enjoyed was Nichole’s talking about the parenting app for men. When I thought of m-health I mainly thought of the development for third world countries or developing villages. This type of m-heath is very interesting because the fact it was designed for men when their women are going through pregnancy, something I can recommend to my brother.
The noteworthy component for the app is the fact it was created by someone who was becoming a father himself. I feel no one has ever really thought about that besides books for example but with this day and age the app is a perfect introduction for men who are pre-birth and even post-birth. The app helps lost men/dads get advice and from others who have had the same problems and challenges of coping with the idea of being a dad soon. This is so remarkable because it’s personal experiences others’ have gone through, and they have the answers.
Mobile phones, especially smart phones, are slowly if not rapidly taking over as a medium for the world today. Everywhere you look, majority of the people you see walking or siting have a smart phone now. This is what makes the app even more substantial because it is so accessible for the population, particularly in the western nations such as America. The app presents a fully-customizable app uses humor and language so you won’t need a medical dictionary to decipher, to guide you through the daunting nine months of pregnancy. With events like this in life, this is exactly what new fathers need because the stress and idea of having a child is difficult and a lot of responsibility. This way, both the parents can stay engaged and aware of their timeline, tips, checklists, and updates.
The humor keeps the male sane through the tips, relieving the tension of living up to expectations he may put on himself. The updates’ purpose is to make the life of an expecting dad easier by giving him a heads up on what to expect during pregnancy. This I feel is super helpful because most men do not know what to expect! The purpose of this app is to give the expecting dad a baby stuff to do list for both the baby and mom.
I think this app is and will be a milestone for expecting dads because it shows them a lot more than they were expecting. It’s an app to show how much they didn’t know, while not being a medical journal it’s more like a community of everyone in similar situations and takes the stress out of some situations. This app connects the dots for dads having done a lot of the research for you, in other words it makes them look awesome and ready. The only con for this app is for developing villages and countries considering the fact they might or most likely won’t have the same resources as men in developed countires.


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