Blog 2 (Fall 2016) – mHealth, by Nikole Maroe

mHealth is described to be, “used to enhance access to health information, improve distribution of routine and emergency health services, or provide diagnostic services” as Christen Brownlee from John Hopkins Public Health explained.

My focus this week was on mHealth and pregnancy, but not for women. mHealth that helped dads-to-be go through the pregnancy process.

Keith Walsh, the Creator of the iPhone App, “Who’s your daddy?”, thought of the idea after he found out his wife was expecting. He soon then realized that the App store did not offer anything to help men go through the pregnancy process.

Walsh developed this App, in April 2014, to be geared towards men by using a humorous tone and “easy-to-understand” language.

Who’s your daddy?, was named best App in June and is the “essential iPhone App for future Dads”.

What it has to offer to the public is a wide range of daily tips, a timeline, weekly updates and Tools that are all beneficial for men while their partner is going through the pregnancy process.

The Daily tips consist of 290 daily tips of dos or don’ts the men should follow during the nine months. In this aspect of the App, the lighthearted language and humorous tone is revealed the most. It diminishes the possible high stress levels, which can occur during this the course of pregnancy. The weekly updates are for the whole family, man, woman and little baby. These updates are all personalized for your own pregnancy process, because not one pregnancy is the alike.

The timeline that is offered in the app consists of important dates that are crucial to the whole pregnancy and of course has a countdown to the due date. Tools section of the app, has valuable items that men might forget about because they are not quite familiar with the procedures or routines that their partner has made or has yet to make. This portion gives the dads-to-be a sense of relief, it assistances them with knowledge and gives them confidence while dealing with the pregnancy.

This app was designed and created to make the lives of expecting dad’s easier. The help and guidance that it offers tightens the mental health of the situation for them. Keith Walsh said he wanted there to be no need for confusing medical dictionary to help guide the dads to be through the daunting 9 months of pregnancy.

Walsh’s app has been featured on ABC Radio, Huffington Post, Channel 9 and Gizamodo. It was also No. 1 App in Health an Fitness in Australia this past year. It is available to all iPhone users around the world for two dollars and ninety-nine cents.



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