Blog 2 (Fall 2016) – mHealth by, Arian Aragaki

Mobile-health is such a huge topic and can be beneficial in our world in so many ways. Mobile health is also very important and can make a huge impact on people in our developing countries.
The best way to explain what mobile-health is to express it as “the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices.” Mobile devices are very beneficial because they are used in order to help remind patients to take their medicines. They are also able to allow clinics to track medical supplies that need to get to a patient or to make sure the patient has enough in order to not run out. When reaching a certain amount, the clinic is able to be alerted and can replenish the patients supply. Finally, mobile health can conduct exams through your devices. This is helping the people in our developing countries and will slowly improve their way of living.
Peek is the first mobile app that I looked up and did a little research about. Peek is a mobile app that also has a lens adapter that is easy to use and is affordable. Affordability is very important when it comes to places in developing countries because they do not have a lot of money compared to people who live a wealthier lifestyle in the United States. Peek was designed as a portable system that can be used to test eyes in a clinic or a patient’s home. This app and device is able to produce high resolution of the eye to help figure out the problem of each specific individual. Using Peek can help to view the retina with high quality imaging, as well as viewing the cataracts clearly. Once completing the eye test of a patient, this app is able to simulate a patient’s eyesight and also show what their vision could be if they took the time and money to get their eye problem fixed.
Having some type of problem relating to your eye can be such a struggle to deal with in your everyday life. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness and about 20 million people are blind from cataracts. 82 million people are visually impaired with some type of eye problem that can be from cataracts or another type of problem that can affect the eye. If these people do not receive some type of medical treatment, they will eventually go blind. 90% of people affected by some type of eye problem that lead to blindness or being visually impaired lived in developing countries.
HelpMeSee was another type of organization that created an app in order to help people with cataract blindness. I felt this was a helpful app because it worked to assist workers by sending images and patient data to a health clinic instantly so there was no delay. The benefit of this app was that it could be used without Internet connection. The data being collected can be stored and will automatically sync when they do receive signal in the area. Health workers will then upload the patient’s data and will send it to the nearest hospital or clinic and the patient has a file with a record number. This app makes it easy for the health worker to follow up with their patient using the GPD coordinate to find their location.
Overall getting treated for your medical issue relating to your eyes is very beneficial. Once getting your eyes fixed, you will have a greater life expectancy. Although just having a greater life expectancy is important and reassuring, you will also have a greater quality of life and can be self-sufficient and successfully complete your education goals.


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