Blog 2 (Fall 2016) -Environmental & Disaster Management, by Haein August Chung

Environmental management involves and incorporates a lot of activities. Pollution of the environment has gone a notch higher with industries coming up from one region to the other. The trend has to change so as to safeguard the environment and save future generation. The current generation must cut on the disposable rate in order to change the current trend. However, this will not come easy because the population is increasing in size as well as increasing their demand for products. Disaster management on the other hand is concerned with the mitigation for venerability that a country/company faces. This may is considered to be control measures that ensure that business continues in the event the mitigated risk takes place.
Engineers in the world have designed a new system of structuring building. High rise building is built with solar panel tops or green gardens at the top to create sustainability (Shaw and Tran 33). For building with solar panel, energy efficiency is achieved in the sense that these solar panels utilize sun rays to produce energy used in meeting all the demands within the building. Thus, less energy is required from outside an action that reduces demand for electric power (Li 66). On the other hand, Building with green gardens helps reduce the amount of carbon in the air. This also contributes to sustainability as individuals are able to grow food hence reduce demand for food from outside. The strategy helps individuals to save as well as management environmental issues in addition to minimization of disaster occurrence (Surjan and Shaw 350).
Some of the current challenges are that big polluters of the environment such as the United States are not ready to engage in conservation. This is because of fear of loss of business when they impose heavy taxes on companies that pollute the environment. Moreover, companies will reduce the number of employees an action that is more likely to touch on the lives of people living in the country. In all these circumstances, countries tend to move away from investing in green energy sources as well as green initiatives for fear of loss of either of the above issues discussed. Thus, green movements established in the world by various groups tend to see out their ideas of conservation to leaders of the world who seem to turn a dumb ear unto them. Therefore, pollution or environmental degradation is at rise in the world even though individuals and organizations are creating awareness of the negative effects of such actions.

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