Blog 1 (Fall 2016) – Grameen Foundation and Mobile devices, by Dominique Linton

For my blog 1, I wanted to discuss Tahna’s presentation and my own actually in comparison. I thought Tahna’s presentation explained the use and development through cellular devices a lot more. I say this because my presentation was mainly focused on the foundation and their mission rather than the effect in general of mobile devices in developing smaller remote villages.

Tahna’s presentation was interesting because she touched more on the effect of mobile devices and how it is integrating an easier lifestyle for people of third world countries. Mobile devices are not only connecting people of the towns or villages but it is giving them information on valuable things such as agricultural info or medical help. For example, to help the farmers in these areas they would help by providing services such as building and strengthening networks financially and informationally. These farmers are gaining access to when prices are lowest due to excess supply at harvest time and systems on how to properly maintain their crops. This is very helpful to these small village farmers because through these applications on the phone, they are reaching information that is very time valuable. Mobile phones are helping to keep these civilians informed and prepared.

For farmers, these mobile devices and the apps are creating a more resourceful lifestyle for the people. They are able to not only connect as a community by sharing information but also giving them the tools to being profitable with their farms. But Tahna also explained the overall significance of mobile devices and their reach today.

Today, mobile phones are a major commodity to life all around the world. It’s used for business, connection, and leisure. Mobile phones are an effective way to reach the rest of the world simply because of its reach! It is one of the most used devices around the world and when you look around today, all you see are people’s heads down looking at their phones. Whether it’s for business or not, cellular phones are widely used and can help give people information they’re seeking just by the touch of their fingertips.

For our next presentation I hope to focus my thoughts and analyzation on the effects of a certain device or plan rather than the organization. Although it was interesting learning about the Grameen Foundation, I want to focus more of my efforts regarding the techniques or ways to develop a third world country or village. I wasn’t sure if that’s more of what you wanted but I still enjoyed the first presentation. I do feel my presentation was a little dry and could’ve used more examples or maybe pictures. The majority of my information did come from the Grameen Foundation website.


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