Blog 1 (Fall 2016) – Poverty, by Arian Aragaki

Poverty is such a serious problem around our world, but mainly in the developing countries. According to the dictionary, the meaning of poverty says, “the state of being extremely poor.” Over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. When you really think about it, $2.50 is such a small amount to survive off of. For example, you could barely get one meal on Oahu with that. Could you imagine trying to live all day with just $2.50? Because many people only have $2.50, there are so many people who entered the 21st century and did not know how to sign their name or read a book. Although the people who are in poverty may be trying to make an attempt to try and improve their way of living, it is so hard for them because they have little representation or voice in public debates, which make it very difficult to escape poverty. The money we have to spend normally goes to military, financial bailouts, and areas to benefit the wealthy people. Children have no way to make a change for themselves because they have not much they can do at such a young age. Around 21,000 children die everyday around the world.

Social media can be used to raise money for people who are in need and also it is very beneficial because there is such a wide age range of people who are constantly on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Before social media, the younger generation was unaware of many things going on in our world. Although thee are so many positives to social media, there are also a few negatives. It is very easy for us to talk about poverty on social media, but we are not physically taking action into trying to make a change for people in need.

Heifer International is a charity that works with communities to help end world hunger and poverty. Dan West is the founder of Heifer International. He began as a farmer from the Midwest and was in the Spanish Civil War. West was very motivated to help people in poverty because of the saying “teach a man to fish”. They will bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty problems. Instead of just going to places that are in poverty, Heifer International will provide food and reliable income in order for them to be traded or sold to help them. This helps them to give new opportunities in showing them how to live and what they need to do in order to continue making money. The goal of this charity is said that after they are able to help the people in need, they Heifer International will expect them to pass on the experience they were given. The outcome of this project will hopefully one day create self-reliance in the developing countries. I believe if we all help and physically make the effort, one day we can stop poverty completely.



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