Blog 1 (Fall 2016) – Mobile phones in developing countries, by Bryson Nishimoto

My presentation was about mobile phones in developing countries and what role they play in their economic systems; then what would be a solution if the data and mobile service was cut off. It started off with a perspective on, how we use our cells or mobile devices, as mentioned in the presentation we use it for a lot of things but mainly for entertainment purposes. As for the mobile phones that are in parts of Africa and Warana, it is a necessity for them to use it because that is how they will sustain themselves. The beginning slides were to show how we use a fraction of what a simple cellphone function can do, for an example: the Pokemon Go in Taipei and everyone was running to a certain spot for a snorlax.
The middle slides were used as framework for me to build upon my point of how the mobile phones are used for: financial, health, and crop information through SMS or text and how PCs are seen as a relic, as to the mobile phones effectiveness. (Toyama, K. (2009, Spring). The PCs in Warana was supposed to be a new-innovative way for the farmers to help grow their crops but they were illiterate and did not know how to use the internet. The PCs just sat their wasting away, as for the mobile phones it was much easier to use and to get or receive messages; it also was a more cost effective way to allow people to communicate.( Toyama, K. (2009, Spring). The social perspective in my presentation was , for every one person that gets a cell/mobile phone they exponentially making the network vaster and bigger. Through the adoption of the cellphone it was the surroundings the created more pressure on people to adopt cellphones, (Aguero (2009, May 21). and this relates to my small sentence in the 3rd or 4th slide in the beginning: “Technology will force us to adapt”. (F. (2012, February 8) Again the cellphone was particularly useful in doing SME or Small-Medium Enterprises in Africa, it allowed people to have a sort of mobile bank in the palm of their hand. (Ndiwalana, A. (2007, Fall). Never did think that a PC would be more of a bothersome thing than a cellphone, when you take time to think about it PCs need a lot more maintenance than cellphone. (Toyama, K .(2009, Spring).
I thought of a possible solution after bringing up two pints within my presentation: The use of cellphones for SMEs and Cellphones are more effective in developing counties than Pcs. What if the cell network shutdown completely due to natural and unnatural causes? Then I thought of Fire Chat, which is a meshing network system and uses Bluetooth to send photos or simple messages to others, it forms a chain type of network. Example: If I have Fire Chat and I use it on side of a large room and I have other people who have the app, it allows me to side my message to the other end of the room. (S. (Director). (2014)
As Professor Ash, brought up as a thought at the end of my presentation, it would be cheaper and better for people who cannot afford any type of mobile service. It would be better and more effective in hard to reach areas, example: mountain-ness region.


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