Blog 1 (Fall 2016) – Freedom of Speech, by Hae In Chung

To be precise, Freedom of speech can be defined in several ways. For some, freedom of speech represents their rights to communicate and share ideas without interference. In addition, it incorporates the sharing and sending of both coded and encoded messages. For other, the freedom of speech includes the right to express an idea, opinion and information in whatever manner a person feels like. This insinuates that individuals can speak about anything without interruption from parties believed to administer control over the same.
The last definition of speech is the right to participate in public meetings and in social places. Thus, individuals will be more interested with interacting with other at peace without interruption. Some government such as the United States tends to limit the use of this form of freedom for politicians and other key figures in the community to communicate information that may yield hatred or other vices.
For example, Vietnamese blogger Dinh Nhat Uy was arrested in the Vietnam in 2013 “on a charge of posting photos and articles on his personal blog that ‘distort the truth and defame state organizations.’” This is one of the example of criminalization of legitimate expression. In China, Vietnam and some other countries of communism they don’t have actually right to freedom of speech. Because countries based on socialism limit individual’s freedom to increase the whole benefit of the society, the blogger mentioned can be considered as anti-social individual. However, this ideology can be seen as extremely retrograde in terms of limiting freedom of individuals itself.
One more example, in North Carolina there is one guy who called Cave man, he made blog and write about his experience of diet. He got thousands of followers and he help his friends’ and follower’s diet for free. However, government think that is not freedom of speech. Giving dietary advice is not free speech, its “assessing and counseling.” Which requires a government dietician license. Private advice to friends is illegal assessing, his website illegal assessing and counseling. And his coaching business is illegal too. Even though America is not communism, but there are still not accept freedom of speech.
The basic concept of democratic countries is that the citizens are the nation itself. In this sense, limiting freedom is just like collapse of the country. We, as citizens from democratic countries, also respect other cultures even though they aim for different political tendencies of course, however, use their power to limit individual’s freedom seems more like dictatorship and it is unethical.

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