Blog 1 (Fall 2016) – Foundation Paraguay, by Nikole Maroe

I focused my topic on one Application (App) in particular. Foundation Paraguay created an App called Poverty Stoplight to eliminate the poverty levels in the country.
What the foundation does in general is helps develops and implements realistic solutions for families in poverty. This helps creates a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle for all families that are struggling with poverty in Paraguay. With 450 staff members and 28 offices in the country, they are helping over 80,000 clients.
The Poverty Stoplight App was created to eliminate multidimensional poverty. Lack of income and education, poor health and inadequate living standards are all considered to be multidimensional poverty. This program was developed to make families self-diagnose themselves with their own level of poverty. After the survey is complete is when Foundation Paraguay comes in and works with the families one on one to personalize the strategies. I believe this an important aspect because all the other companies out there, just take control of the country and rules over the people living there and tells them they have to change “this and that” to get out of poverty. Foundation Paraguay sits downs and discuses with the family what their strengths and needs are. Every family is different and needs different things and this organization has realized that and has honored it within their App.
The App itself is twenty-minute visual survey that the families take to self-evaluate their existing conditions.
The colors that are important in this process are red, yellow and green. Red meaning extreme poverty, yellow is just poverty. Last but not lease, green is the ideal situation for the family.
So during the survey, the colors indicate their current existing condition. The question they ask are about their house, personal, living, education and health.
After the answers are received is when the Plan of action, make a poverty exit plan is in full effect. After the answers from the self evaluation are answered is when the Foundation form a plan to get their families out of poverty.

I believe this is a great App and Foundation that needs to be brought to the rest of the world and not just Paraguay. They really care about their clients and only want the best for them, which shows in how much effort they put into their job.


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